Parents often confuse trauma and disappointment
Who's the Boss Parenting Academy is your solution to parenting problems
How do you know this works?

Who’s The Boss Parent Academy courses are based on more than 10,000 family experiences. If you follow the procedures detailed, and you are not successful, we will close your account and refund 100% of your purchase price.
It’s our 10,000 Family Guarantee.

How do you know this works?

Like most parents, you have been receiving conflicting, well-meaning advice that comes from your friends, parents, and pediatrician, as well as those hot-topic books you see everywhere. It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed and confused.

While every child and family situation is unique, there are specific steps you can take to help your child master each of parenting’s six most demanding dilemmas.

When you complete any Who’s The Boss Parenting Academy course, both you and your child will discover the confidence to master the next parenting challenge you will face. And you know there will always be more challenges.

Your confidence will be bolstered by a system and parenting philosophy that is the result of more than 10,000 family experiences. So Who’s The Boss Parenting Academy courses, when followed as presented, work 99% of the time.

For both you and for your child.



How our courses are structured.

Who’s The Boss Parenting Academy courses are divided into logical, sequential chapters that may be studied and reviewed one per day, or consecutively.

Course elements include text, charts, photos, videos, and exams. You will also have access to input, thoughts, and ideas of parents who have taken the course you are currently studying. In that way, you can gain insight from the entire community of thoughtful, concerned parents just like you.

Once you have enrolled and created your profile, you will be able to access the course you have purchased. You will have access to that course for as long as you choose. You will also have access to the growing catalog of Who’s The Boss Parenting Academy courses and the opportunity to receive advanced notice of their creation.

Should you wish to purchase one-on-one teleconsulting with Susan Glaser or Courtney Evenchik, fill out the question form on the contact page and we will get back to you with pricing and details. At that point, you are under no obligation to continue or purchase services.

Below are the courses currently available in our catalog. Courses may be purchased individually as you need them. Lifetime memberships in Who’s The Boss Parenting Academy are also available.


Who's The Boss Parenting Academy Online Learning Courses
Who's the Boss Parenting Academy is your solution to parenting problems

The skills you learn in each Who’s The Boss Parenting Academy course

will work effectively in virtually every parenting situation

you and your child will experience.

The best way to potty train your child.

Potty Mastery: The best way to potty train your child

Using the potty is a developmental milestone that can create real anxiety in parents. You may worry about pushing your child, while at the same time worry about not helping your child through this important step.

You won’t have to worry about this course, however. The content is based on our experiences with more than 10,000 families and, in fact, comes more from them than from us. That is, what follows are things that work. Not things that we think should work.

Potty Mastery consists of five lessons. You can go through them one after the other at one sitting, or one a day for five days. If you decide to go through them immediately, we strongly suggest that once you start the actual mastery process with your child, you review the course one lesson a day.

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Sleep Solutions for Babies and Todlers

Sleep Solutions for Babies & Toddlers

Sleep is the first and most common source of conflict between parents and their young children.This course offers approaches to resolving that conflict in a caring and effective way, in 2 to 4 nights. Parents choose this course because:

  • Every newborn begins life waking up many times a night.
  • Many newborns continue to wake up one or more times a night into infancy and even childhood.
  • You are not satisfied with the current sleeping situation between you and your child.

Rest assured, you are not alone! The challenge of finding a path to help a child sleep from bedtime to wake up time without interruption is the #1 reason parents seek help from parenting counseling centers in NYC and Los Angeles.

All in five easy lessons!

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Who's The Boss? The book that started it all.

The Book That Started it All

Who’s the Boss? Moving families from conflict to collaboration is the foundation for all the courses in the Who’s the Boss Parenting Academy.

Written by Arthur Lavin, MD, and Susan Glaser, MA, Who’s the Boss? is a compendium of solutions for the six-most-demanding dilemmas of childhood:

• Sleeping Through the Night
• Potty Mastery
• Discipline
• Food Issues
• Sibling Rivalry
• Child Care Dilemmas for Working Parents!

A MarCom and Summit International Award-winning Book

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